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Elevate EMEA


A Legacy Made to Last

Elevate is built on 40 years of history – proof that a commitment to the highest quality materials and trusted partnerships withstand the test of time. While our focus continues to be on smart, safe and sustainable roofing and lining solutions for our customers, there’s so much on the horizon. We’re raising our sights and are ready to help you achieve whatever you can imagine – the sky’s the limit.

Building onwards and upwards


Quality, innovation and reliability have kept us an industry leader for decades. And as we look towards tomorrow, it’s our highest priority to uphold the standards you’ve come to know. The people you trust with your most high-profile projects, our unique global expertise and guidance on how to move forward will always be the crux of who we are, and where we go.


To fulfill all your roofing needs ...

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CPD Material (1)

Designing a Roof for Sustainability
With a growing need within the industry to improve it environmental credentials, this seminar from Elevate looks at how different elements in the roof contribute towards creating a sustainable building.

Along the way you will learn how the design of the roof build up and material choices impact sustainability at every life stage of the building. We also consider the environmental impact of single ply membranes and how you can enhance their credentials.

Finally, we look at core aspects that must factor in every roof design including fire regulations and correct installation before addressing how you can boost the green credentials of the roof space.

By the end of this seminar, delegates should:

1. Understand the different roof types and decking a specifier could encounter and how to approach them.
2. Know the environmental impact of different single ply membranes available on the market.
3. Understand how different elements in the design and installation of a flat roof contribute towards overall sustainability.
4. Know how to design the correct build-up for your roof design.
5. Have a better understanding of compliance with UK British Standards and Codes of Practice.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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