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eba is a high-end furniture brand, created by the kitchen designer Santos, a Spanish manufacturer with more than 70 years’ experience and a marked style. However, even though its origins are in the kitchen, eba has gone beyond and now works on other rooms within the home.

At eba everything starts with a main idea: people are unique, and so should the spaces where they live.

Increasingly often, these spaces tend to break with traditional compartmentalised concepts to improve communication, socialisation or merging into a living environment that is more open. eba’s challenge resides in granting each space in the house its own character, creating personal, singular and unique interiors, so that each person feels really at home.

Personalisation and quality

We design and develop comprehensive and personalised interior design projects, exclusively selecting options from high-end furniture brands of proven high quality, all to ensure you ...

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CPD Material (2)

Multiple CPD formats
Designing Ergonomic Kitchens
Designing Ergonomic Kitchens offers a comprehensive guide to creating kitchen spaces that are both functional and comfortable. The presentation covers key ergonomic principles, design considerations, and offers practical solutions for maximizing efficiency and comfort in kitchen layouts. It emphasizes the importance of understanding user needs and how specific solutions in opening systems, lighting and layouts can help designers and users have a better experience specifying and using their kitchen.

By the end of this CPD delegates should:

1. Have an understanding of Ergonomics.
2. Be able to analyse basic principles of Ergonomics in kitchen design.
3. Know how to ensure correct space optimisation.
4. Know about selecting the right opening system for each user.
5. Understand lighting systems for kitchens.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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