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Address & Contact details:
7 Duncan McIntosh Road

Wardpark North
G68 0HH
Jeanette MacIntyre
Tel +44 (0)1236 453000 Overview
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Providing architects, designers and construction companies with advanced industry knowledge with solutions to support transfer of light to the heart of buildings. Applying glass to interiors which excites, performs and enhances well-being. Their well developed links with world-leading glass manufacturers, their signature supplier DEKO of Denmark, BSI, RIBA, Consultant Engineers and the highest level of construction industry accreditations creates a knowledge base which empowers designers to push the boundaries of creativity, performance and sustainability with the application of internal glass and provides their construction partners with a trusted, approved supplier and subcontract specialist. Their trusted, global network ensures we offer an unparalleled service provision to designers, contractors and property owners for whom we bring an ongoing maintenance service for all internal glass products and sliding folding screens.
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CPD Material (1)

Daylight Transfer - A Guide to the Design, Application and Maintenance of Internal Glass
This CPD takes a brief look at the science and benefits to be gained from daylight transfer, taking a snapshot review of the development of glass products and glass systems for interior applications. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:
- The impact natural daylight contact can have on human performance
- The difference between glass products and certified glass systems
- How to design, install and maintain Glass Screen Systems with confidence and within compliance
- Relevant Building standards applicable to internal glass applications
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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