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Deister Electronic (UK) Ltd


From humble beginnings in Germany’s rural countryside, deister have grown into a leading technology company with a global footprint. A passion and commitment to value engineering, has seen deister become a trusted manufacturer and provider of security and asset management systems including intelligent key management systems, CPNI-assured and GovPass compliant secure access control readers and credentials and long-range vehicle identification.deister are proud to support businesses across the globe in increasing security, allocating responsibility, and improving operational efficiency!
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How Intelligent Key Management Helps Improve Operational Efficiency
We hope that delegates will learn about how Intelligent Key Management (IKM) can help improve operational efficiency, showing the benefits it provides through cost, time and security. We will also look at what IKM is and how it works and the advantages and disadvantages to such a system. Finally, we will take a look at the future of administration, not just of IKM but also other security system platforms.
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General Awareness
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