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    RIBA CPD Providers Network Roadshows

    Our free to attend RIBA CPD Roadshows are a fantastic opportunity for architects, construction, and design professionals to gain an insight into the products on offer from members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network - an industry force of over 500 companies and advisory organisations dedicated to providing RIBA-approved CPD. By attending these events, delegates will gain up-to-date knowledge on a range of innovative products and technologies, earn CPD hours and enhance personal proficiency in a wide range of subjects.

    These events support the hybrid approach to working, so we have a range of face-to-face and online events structured as one hour, half day or full day, to suit the needs of all. We also have several specialist subject themed events. For more information see below.

    RIBA CPD Providers Hour
    Allows you to take advantage of free, online RIBA-approved CPD webinars in convenient bite-size chunks. Single one-hour CPD sessions delivered on a Monday lunchtimes and Friday mornings. Find out more →

    RIBA CPD Regional Roadshows
    Full and half day events of approved technical CPD helping you specify your projects using the latest innovative technology.

    Events are scheduled across the UK and include a selection of one-hour CPD seminars, giving you a choice of what you sign up to.

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    RIBA Specialist CPD Conferences
    These CPD specialist days are intended to develop your skills in specific areas. These events will usually feature a keynote speech on a specialist topic and supplemented with technical CPD from our specialist providers.

    Book onto our online or face-to-face Specialist CPD Conferences today, to take advantage of a full day of free, RIBA-approved CPD.

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    By offering these different event types, we can provide you with a varied and convenient approach to accessing CPD from the RIBA CPD Providers Network. As always, each event will only include RIBA-approved CPD presentations, and RIBA CPD Providers will deliver all sessions. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions to the Providers.

    Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Delegates can book on to CPD events via RIBA Academy.

    Member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network? If you’re interested in presenting at one of our Roadshow events, you can find out more here.

    For more information you can contact the RIBA CPD Roadshows Team by email or by calling +44 (0)207 307 3654.
    Interesting, broad in scope with good presentation.
    August Online Roadshow 2020


    Enjoy the range of topics covered by the roadshow event.
    October Online Roadshow 2020


    Provided useful detailed knowledge on the subject.
    October Online Roadshow 2020


    Great way to catch up with the latest updates on various relevant topics.
    Online Roadshow 2020