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Control4 is a leader in smart living technology, providing cutting-edge home automation that can be integrated in the very fabric of a client’s home.  Our technology can only be integrated by Certified Control4 installers making us the natural, professional partner for RIBA certified designers and architects. 


We share your ambition to create beautiful, comfortable and thoughtfully designed spaces and fully understand how our technology can play an important part in meeting your design vision, often whilst hidden from view, or blending perfectly into the interior.  


Our technology is designed to meet the lifestyle needs of homeowners and their families by enhancing the comfort, security and energy-efficiency of each space. With a professionally installed Control4 smart home operating system (OS), thousands of different devices and systems in the home can be seamlessly connected and integrated for easy, intuitive operation fro...

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How An Automated Home Can Care for the Family and the Planet
This CPD explores some of the key ways a smart home can enhance wellbeing and sustainability in the home. It will help you understand how a smart home operating system can unify your client’s smart devices to create genuine benefits, enhancing sustainability and wellbeing aspects of their life at home. The CPD will also guide you in how to collaborate with a smart home integrator to achieve an automated home.
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General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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