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Clement House

Weydown Industrial Estate
United Kingdom
GU27 1HR
Tessa Clement-Jones
Tel +44 (0)7985878744 Overview
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Clement Windows Group


Clement manufactures an innovative range of steel windows, steel doors and steel screens for both private residences and commercial projects.

We provide a complete service – from the provision of technical drawings through to manufacture, installation and after sales support - whether your project is a traditional restoration project, one involving Listed Buildings or Conservation Areas, or a new build.

Our previous work includes prestigious heritage projects across the UK and in the USA, including well known buildings such as Bonhams in London, Norwich City Hall and the Eldorado Building in Manhattan. We take pride in our reputation for premium products, excellent craftsmanship and industry expertise and we are delighted that so many of our customers return to us time and again because they know they cannot get a better window anywhere else.

We specialise in manufacturing new steel windows which look similar to original or exi...

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Steel Windows - A New Generation
For over 100 years steel windows have been favoured by Architects as their preferred choice of window material due to their elegant sight lines, strength and versatility.
This presentation will cover:

• The importance of the steel window in Architecture over the last century and before.
• The characteristics of steel windows throughout history.
• The role of steel windows today with regards to the environment and sustainability.
• Legislation, standards and performance features governing steel windows.
• The future for steel windows, including the introduction of thermal breaks and the consequences for current day steel window specification.

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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