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British Board of Agrément (BBA)


For over 55 years, The British Board of Agrément has been helping the construction and manufacturing industries build confidence in the solutions created, designed and implemented throughout the entire supply chain.

As the UK’s largest certification body, regulated by UKAS, the BBA has become a trusted partner providing impartial research, auditing, inspection, testing and certification to help mitigate risk and make things safer. Today the BBA is still helping client mitigate risk. Although the products that are being independently tested may have changed, the BBA’s ability to help industries maintain uncompromisingly high standards hasn’t.

BBA approval is recognised and trusted by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers, and industry insurers such as the NHBC.

The BBA is a UKAS accredited Certification Body (No 0113), Testing Laboratory (No 0357), Inspection Body (No 4345), Management Sy...

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CPD Material (1)

How to Use Third Party Certification
The aim of this presentation is to provide architects involved in selecting products for use in building design with a clear understanding of third-party certification and how this fits into the framework of the UK Building Regulations and the Construction Products Regulation.
The presentation will then provide guidance on CE and UKCA marking and compare and contrast these with voluntary third-party fitness for purpose certification such as Agrément. The presentation will then go on to provide clarity on what is involved for a manufacturer to achieve and maintain an Agrément Certificate and how someone making a decision on product selection can get the information they need from an Agrément Certificate.
The presentation concludes with an overview of examples of other types of third-party certification.

By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- What third party certification is, and why is it important.
- The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and CE/ UKCA Marking.
- The difference between CE/UKCA Marking and voluntary third part certification (such as Agrément certification).
- What is involved for a manufacturer to achieve and maintain Agrément certification for their product?
- How to get the information you need from an Agrément certificate.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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