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Established quality manufacturer of hinges, drawer systems & lift mechanisms with soft close action. Predominant supplier to the UK Kitchen industry. Full range of products to accomodate handleless design.

Our focus is not on assessing feasibility, but on creating benefits for you. Because it is not about our ideas. It is about enabling yours. We work together with you. We rack our brains to develop and pioneer the future. And deliver solutions that best meet your needs. Let’s talk together – about new ideas and solutions for a better quality of living.

Architectural and Design Channel Manager:

Amanda Hughes

Working with the Blum research and development team, Amanda is an advocate for human centric design, helping to create inspiring spaces that work with the needs of the individual. A professional chef and CX expert, Amanda is now focused on education within the built environment, d...

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Ergonomics and Aging in the Built Environment - Designing for an aging population.
This CPD is Episode 3 of 5. Designing domestic interiors for an aging population. Join Amanda Hughes from Blum UK as she explores the challenges this sector face and how can we improve designs and support the "aging at home" model.

We look at the current data sets, how we age and the impact this has on the quality of our living spaces. Aging is an opportunity for creating inspired and innovative solutions to common problems.

By the end of this CPD delegates should:

1. Have an overview of global aging studies, the current data picture, and future predictions.
2. Understand the physiological changes that happen as we age.
3. Have an understanding of the challenges in this sector and the design solutions to adopt to overcome these.
4. Know the limitations of the current" Box Method" of domestic furniture design and why it is not a viable option.
RIBA Core Curriculum:
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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