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Graphisoft UK Ltd


Supplies complete Building Information Modelling solutions to construction industry professionals in the UK. With more than 60% of the world's BIM projects designed with ArchiCAD, the industry is realising the shortcomings of 2D CAD software. This change is being driven by forward-thinking architects, clients and construction companies.

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Open BIM
This seminar will:

- Enable attendees to have a broad understanding of BIM.
- Enable attendees to understand the importance of considering how processes might need to change to take full advantage of BIM.
- Enable attendees to understand the importance of starting to look at the changes in workflows that will be necessary if BIM is adopted.
- Enable attendees to start considering the importance of establishing protocols at the outset of a project.
- Enable attendees to understand the issues surrounding PII and contracts.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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