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Cardale Park
North Yorkshire
Claire Redhead
Tel +44 (0)330 100 0313 Overview
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BioClad® leads the way in creating hygienic spaces for leading brands in health, food, education, leisure, pharmaceuticals and much more using antimicrobial wall cladding and other revolutionary products from the BioClad family. BioClad’s portfolio of products boast antimicrobial silver-ion technology which reduces microbes by 99.9% in just two hours. BioClad's design-led, seamless wall cladding and other products offer first-class installation to deliver bespoke hygiene solutions without compromising on aesthetics. BioClad hosts seven distributions centres across the UK to uphold an unrivalled level of customer service. BioClad has built lasting relationships with international brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic and more. Due to expansion into emerging foreign markets BioClad has been awarded a 2017 Queen's Award for Export.
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Multiple CPD formats
The Specification and Design Considerations of IPS Panels
This CPD presentation is predominantly designed for architects to gain an understanding of how choosing an IPS system can offer the most suitable outcome for installing sanitary systems and the associated components as a modular unit on site.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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