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Published on 11 September 2014 07:53

WC Pan with Integrated Cistern

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Key Learning outcomes
  • From a design perspective, understand how the WC pan with integrated cistern differs from any other WC;
  • Understand the benefits of this type of WC to bathroom design;
  • Learn how the technology behind its flush mechanism works;
  • Understand the environmental benefits offered by a WC with integrated cistern;
  • Learn how this type of WC is installed;
  • Understand how the WC performs in case of a water or power cut.
Published date: 11/09/2014


In the development and creation of innovative bathroom solutions, as well as in addressing the desire for optimum use of space within the bathroom environment, the WC with integrated pan is revolutionary. It incorporates a concealed cistern inside the WC pan, therefore dispensing with the installation of cistern and flush plate into the wall. This simplifies the installation process significantly - reducing time and cost, offers a greater flexibility of positioning, and with a total projection of only 592.5mm, saves space too. It is fully approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS certificate number 1307332) and is available in wall-hung and back-to-wall versions.

1.0 The Design Aspects

This type of WC has been designed to accommodate the cistern inside the pan itself. Water is stored in a space that would otherwise be hollow, allowing the pan to retain the shape and size of a standard WC, with a projection of 592.5mm and width of 400mm.

The flush plate and flush mechanism are positioned at the interior back of the pan and the flush buttons on the lid can be positioned either on the left or on the right hand side.

Benefits to Bathroom Design:
A WC pan with integrated cistern allows for greater flexibility when planning the bathroom layout. Since cistern and flush plate do not need to be built into a wall, this type of WC can be positioned against partition walls or underneath window frames for instance. Manoeuvrability in small bathroom spaces can also be enhanced with this product, as no space is wasted boxing out for a concealed cistern.
WC with integrated cistern
WC with integrated cistern
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