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Houghton Hall Business Park

Houghton Regis
Simon Saulis
Tel +44 (0)7860 701165 Overview
Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Arjo UK Ltd are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Arjo UK Ltd

Arjo UK Ltd


Arjo is a global supplier of medical devices, services and solutions that improve quality of life for people with reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. Arjo's main customers are private and public institutions within acute care and long-term care. Arjo's offering includes products and solutions for patient handling, hygiene, disinfection, medical beds, therapeutic surfaces and venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention. Safe Patient Handling All too often, the transfer process is risky and too difficult for one person to manage on their own. Our comprehensive range of transfer solutions is designed to ensure a simple, streamlined process that is safe, comfortable and dignified for everyone involved. Our range includes ceiling hoists, active and passive floor hoists, assisted bathing and showering, pool hoists and flushers for disinfection. Architects and Planners Arjo have a long history of collaborating closely with architects, nursing home executives and safe patient handling experts. Arjo is a collaborative partner in many health care facility projects and we know that it is vital to plan for the right equipment and space from the very beginning in order to avoid unnecessary costs due to last-minute construction variations.

CPD Material (3)

Designing Efficient Healthcare Facilities
This seminar will explore human mobility and its impact on:
- Care space requirements
- Functional mobility
- Space requirements
- The positive 8
Material type: Seminar
Designing Overhead Ceiling Track Systems
This seminar will provide information on the benefits of using a ceiling track system and how to design and specify the correct solution for the client. It will cover the following topics:
- What is a ceiling track hoist and who uses it
- The patient interfaces available
- Which cassette to choose
- The flexibility of ceiling track systems, track solutions and layouts
- Installation and fixing methods
- Bariatric considerations
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Designing Accessible Hygiene Facilities
This CPD looks at how to design a hygiene facility for all levels of functional mobility. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- Mobility
- Space requirements when designing a hygiene rooms within a facility
- Considerations for showering for various mobility levels
- Considerations for bathing for various mobility levels
- About catering for plus size residents
- The help that is available
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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