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Aritco is an award-winning manufacturer of platform lifts. We supply a wide range of lifts for homes, public and commercial spaces. Meeting the highest requirements regarding accessibility, comfort, space-efficiency, and design. Our lifts are built and designed with outstanding quality, safety, and reliability in mind with a variety of options to perfectly suit both new and existing buildings. Since we started in 1995 more than 40,000 lifts have been installed in buildings around the world creating possibilities for millions of people.

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Future Proofing Private Residences with a Home Lift
Two of the biggest challenges facing British society are an ageing population and the climate crisis. The national census in 2021 showed that 24.4% of the UK population is now aged 60 or over – that’s almost a quarter of the country. As climate change continues to escalate, local and national government, developers and architects are under increasing pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of construction by focusing on retrofitting existing housing stock or designing new build properties that are future-proofed for the long term.

The Lifetime Homes standard introduced in 1991, now replaced by Building Regulations M, lists 16 design criteria including the installation of a platform home lift, or space to include one at a later date in order to future-proof a residential property.

This CPD explains the definition of a platform home lift, and the regulations that govern installation and safety. It outlines the different models on the market, their benefits and approximate costs. It includes details about maintenance, sustainability credentials and five different case studies that have incorporated different types of home lift.

By the end of the seminar delegates should:
1. Two of the biggest challenges facing British society are an ageing population and the climate crisis. The national census.
2. Understand the rules and regulations around platform home lifts.
3. Know the features and benefits of platform home lifts.
4. Be comfortable discussing home lifts with your clients.
5. Be confident in specifying platform home lifts in home design projects.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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