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Aidelle House

Lancaster Road
Cressex Business Park
High Wycombe
HP12 3QP
Ian Palmer
Tel +44 (0)1494 525252
Navdeep Bhambra
Tel +44 (0)1494 525252 Overview
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Airflow Developments Ltd


Founded in 1955, Airflow Developments has grown to an international group of companies. The company started from one man's expertise in fan design and air flow measurement. Based in High Wycombe, Airflow has blossomed into a thriving manufacturing and research group. Airflow has developed into a world leader in ventilation. It has achieved that by always producing innovative, quality products. Airflow produced all their products to the current legislation, including: UK Building Regulations ISO9001 ISO14001 2016 ErP Ecodesign Directive 2018 draft ErP Regulations Airflow also has a number products that meet the stringent Passive House standards.
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CPD Material (2)

Understanding Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery for Commercial Applications
This seminar will outline:
- Reasons why we need to improve air quality in civic, educational and commercial buildings
- What is different about mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and how do the differing technologies work
- Complying with current legislation, Building Regulations, industry body guidelines and sector specific advisory documents i.e. schools
- Different application case studies with their specific outcomes explained
- Understanding controls, on-demand ventilation scenarios and maintaining a low energy policy
- Further developments in MVHR techniques and how they can be applied in the increasing low carbon environment
Material type: Seminar
Understanding U.K Building Regulations Relating to Residential Ventilation and Heat Recovery
This seminar will outline:
- Reasons why we need to improve indoor air quality in residential buildings
- Building Regulations and how they apply to the correct specification of a ventilation system
- Understanding Compliance Guides and their place in the specification process
- Good, better, best - How Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery can provide the complete ventilation solution
- A system is only as good as the ducting installation. The do's and don'ts of installing a system
- Sign off by Building Control is mandatory; how to comply
Material type: Seminar


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