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Actis Insulation Ltd


Actis has specialised in the design and manufacture of innovative insulation and membrane products since 1980. Its CE marked Hybrid system can be used on walls, roofs, ceilings and timber floors in refurbishment and new build projects. All products are aimed at eliminating thermal bridging and offer impressive thermal performance. They are quick, clean and easy to install. The system is approved by the NHBC when used in accordance with the certification.  

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Addressing the Performance Gap Using Reflective Insulation
This CPD reflects on the issues causing the Performance Gap and discusses solutions on how to overcome this industry wide problem using reflective insulation systems. Topics covered include why buildings do not perform as predicted at the design stage, how the performance gap can be addressed, important criteria when selecting construction systems, trustworthy products and systems, and applied construction build-ups and case studies. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to evaluate and specify reflective insulation products
- Performance gap issues and how they can be overcome at different stages of a project
- How reflective insulation products work
- Construction details
- The architect's role in addressing the performance gap

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Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
Tomorrow’s Insulation Solutions for Future Homes and Buildings Standard
This CPD module covers in detail changes to Building Regulations introduced in June 2022 as an interim step towards the Future Homes Standard and net-zero building target by 2050.
The training module gives an overview of changes to the Building Regulations 2021 edition in England which aims at futureproofing new homes and retrofitting existing homes, whilst phasing out fossil fuels and decarbonising the electricity grid. These objectives are obtained via an uplift of requirements to achieve ‘nearly zero energy buildings’, addressing unintended consequences such as overheating and the performance gap and the transition towards electric heating as laid out within revised Approved Documents Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) and Part F (Ventilation) and new Approved Documents Part O (Overheating) and Part S (Infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles).
This CPD module aims at providing a 360° view on this topic outlining individual requirements and going into details on how compliance is achieved. It looks in particular detail on Part L and how to address the 31% uplift CO2 savings via a fabric first approach of highly energy efficient building envelopes focussing on U-values, Thermal Bridging and Airtightness, whereby the risk of unintended consequences is reduced by applying new procedures, such as the new compliance report (BREL) and Home User Guide and overall increased on-site testing and photographic evidence to make sure that products installed as part of construction systems can be trusted to achieve what they predict on site.
Details and implications of new SAP10 energy efficiency calculation modality will be shown as well as changes to U-value convention BR443.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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