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Acrylicon UK Distribution Ltd


Acrylicon is a manufacturer and installer of high quality long lasting Resin Flooring worldwide. Starting out in Norway in 1978, Acrylicon has recently opened the worlds most technologically advanced polymer factory in Neustad-Glewe, Germany. Acrylicon Resin Flooring is unique in its chemical construction providing the high compressive strength, and therefore the durability, of Polyurethane Resin Floors coupled with the fast cure of MMA type Resin Flooring. With a proven longevity of over 30 years, experience in almost every industry and a truly turn-key package from manufacture to installation, Acrylicon is the perfect partner for your Resin Flooring needs.
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CPD Material (1)

Industrial Flooring: The Generic Resins and Their Real Life Performance
This seminar provides information on:
- Why specify industrial flooring?
- When does a floor fail?
- The different types of resin on the market
- The performance characteristics of each resin type
- Whole life pricing analysis
- Taint/Smell-how to reduce risk
- Regulations for industrial flooring
- Environmental impact of resins
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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