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Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.  read more...
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The following CPD materials fall within the 'Compliance - sustainable architecture' RIBA Core Curriculum topic area.  read more...
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The following CPD materials fall within the 'Designing and building it – structural design, construction, technology and engineering' RIBA Core Curriculum topic area.  read more...
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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.  read more...
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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.  read more...

Latest online CPD

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This semianr highlights the importance of considering the health & well being of occupants at design stage and identifies key elements in supporting health & well being in thermal comfort and indoor air quality.
• Identifies use of essential natural elements to support this – daylight and fresh air
• Provides overview of the need for climate renovation – refurbishment of existing building stock
• Provides introduction to the Active House principles
• Offers simple solutions with the use of simulation software to check design proposals
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This online learning module aims to cover:

- an introduction to ultraviolet air and object sterilisation systems, how they work and what they can do to improve air quality
- traditional solutions
- bringing ultraviolet indoors
- selection factors
- in-duct, stand alone and coil cleaning systems
- validation
- life cycle cost comparison
Product area: Air treatment systems
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Sound proofing and compliance with Part E/ section 5 Building Regulations made simple with Sound Proofing Solutions CPD.

Includes methods of compliance, pre-completion testing, robust details, new build, refurbishment and conversion projects.
Suitable sloutions for floors, Walls and ceilings,
Product area: Floor insulation

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

This seminar provides architects with key information needed to deliver successful sustainable retrofit projects.
The session will demonstrate how to navigate sustainable refurbishment projects through the four stages of work. Lucy Pedler will use case studies of buildings from the 19th and 20th century to focus on:

-Client skills
- Design skills
- Procurement skills
- Construction skills

Practical advice will be provided on how to avoid some of the main pitfalls common to sustainable refurbishment and ensure a positive result, 'positive result' being both a project that has low carbon emissions and is a beautiful, comfortable building from the point of view of the client.

This event is taking place at the following locations in 2012:

25 January, Cardiff
23 February, Cambridge
29 March, Birmingham
19 April, Bath
24 May, Crawley
12 June, Exeter
12 July, Gateshead
13 September, Reading
19 September, Leeds
17 October, Manchester
18 October, Liverpool
13 November, London
28 November, Nottingham
Type:  Seminar
On completion of the course you will be confident that you can:
- Recognise and understand the structure of work sections which is based upon the Common Arrangement Work Sections (CAWS).
- Create and edit a specification, using clause editing tools, NBS Guidance and NBS Plus.
- Supplement existing NBS Guidance with your own office knowledge.
- Understand the concept of office standards as a useful basis for project specification, saving time in the specification writing process and ensuring consistency. - Format and print the specification.
- Print specialist reports.
- Define user access to specifications and preliminaries.
- Understand the fundamentals of revisions and their use during the specification process.
- Create, edit and import project schedules
Type:  Course
This seminar will focus on the process for Design Risk Management and how designers can discharge their duties under health and safety legislation (including the CDM Regs).

This session will include:
- Update on statistics
- The HASAWA as the Umbrella Legislation in Construction
- Construction-specific safety legislation
- Legislation to be considered by designers
- Design risk management - the process
- Design risk management (good practice) v design risk assessment (bad practice)

This event is taking place at the following locations in 2012:

16 February - Bath
13 March - London
22 March - Crawley
26 April - Birmingham
9 May - Reading
13 June - Cardiff
21 June - Cambridge
13 September - Gateshead
18 September - Exeter
26 September - Nottingham
17 October - Leeds
21 November - Manchester
22 November - Liverpool
Type:  Seminar
This seminar aims to help delegates:

- Understand what makes a great and winning bid
- Understand what buyers will be looking for in a bid
- Understand how to demonstrate value
- Understand what a value matrix is and how it adds power to a bid
Type:  Seminar

Featured CPD Material

This seminar aims to:

- Enable listeners to make informed choices about the suitability of background substrates for tiling in wet/damp environments
- Help the audience understand British and European standards for tiling
- Provide guidance on the design and construction of trouble-free backgrounds for tiling
- Demonstrate how to create a completely waterproof, inert and dimensionally stable wet room
Type:  Seminar
- Why porcelain tiles
- Porcelain tiles: Manufacture/Surface Finishes
- Slip resistance/testing methods
- Porcelain enamel index (PEI)
- Installation: Substrates/adhesives/grouts/accessories
- Aftercare: sealants/cleaning
Type:  Seminar
This seminar will enable architects to understand how and when to apply the Stretch Ceiling product.
Type:  Seminar
This seminar will provide:
- An overview on new legislation regarding overhead ceiling tracked hoists
- Clinical background - evidence to support
- Rail, hoist, and installation solutions, pros and cons
- An overview on service and maintenance
Type:  Seminar

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