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Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.  read more...
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The following CPD materials fall within the 'Compliance - sustainable architecture' RIBA Core Curriculum topic area.  read more...
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The following CPD materials fall within the 'Designing and building it – structural design, construction, technology and engineering' RIBA Core Curriculum topic area.  read more...
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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.  read more...
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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.  read more...
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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.  read more...

Latest online CPD

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Sound proofing and compliance with Part E/ section 5 Building Regulations made simple with Sound Proofing Solutions CPD.

Includes methods of compliance, pre-completion testing, robust details, new build, refurbishment and conversion projects.
Suitable sloutions for floors, Walls and ceilings,
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The course explores woven metal fabric – used historically as a utilitarian industrial product – as a new architectural material that provides valuable functionality in addition to stunningly unique aesthetics.
Product area: Curtain walling
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The third of three videos in CPD feature based on the RIBA work stages, to give you the information you need about building with Timber in a way that suits the way you work.

Certification and procurement – how you can meet sustainable procurement criteria.

Learn more technical information about what goes into open and closed panel timber frame systems, how to incorporate steel elements and how to achieve the levels of thermal insulation you need.

How to get the most out of off-site manufacturing and the importance of SiteSafe practices to reducing the risk of fire on construction sites.
Product area: Floor beams - timber

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

NBS Educator is a website-based series of six presentations in three formats for newcomers to the profession and those needing initial information on:
- Briefs: an introduction
- Contract documentation: an introduction
- Schedules of work: an introduction
- Specifications: an introduction
- Specifications: problems in practice
- Specifications: product selection process
It also contains reading lists and links in four other related modules:
- Health and safety plans
- Conditions of contract
- Production drawings
- Bills of quantities.
NBS Educator is available at www.thenbs.com/training/educator/index.asp
Type:  Online Learning
This seminar provides architects with key information needed to deliver successful sustainable retrofit projects.
The session will demonstrate how to navigate sustainable refurbishment projects through the four stages of work. Lucy Pedler will use case studies of buildings from the 19th and 20th century to focus on:

-Client skills
- Design skills
- Procurement skills
- Construction skills

Practical advice will be provided on how to avoid some of the main pitfalls common to sustainable refurbishment and ensure a positive result, 'positive result' being both a project that has low carbon emissions and is a beautiful, comfortable building from the point of view of the client.

This event is taking place at the following locations in 2012:

25 January, Cardiff
23 February, Cambridge
29 March, Birmingham
19 April, Bath
24 May, Crawley
12 June, Exeter
12 July, Gateshead
13 September, Reading
19 September, Leeds
17 October, Manchester
18 October, Liverpool
13 November, London
28 November, Nottingham
Type:  Seminar
This seminar will offer delegates an understanding of how mapping can be used to analyse and to present site information. Delegates will also learn how mapping can help to reduce costs for example by providing accurate, reliable information that can reduce the need for site surveys.

Representatives of Ordnance Survey are available to deliver this seminar in London, the South East and the South West. This seminar is also available online.
Type:  Online Learning , Seminar
- CAD versus BIM – defining Building Information Modelling and differentiating from CAD.
- Industry trends and challenges - review current industry trends and challenges directing many major companies and organisations address working practices and workflows and move towards a BIM approach
- Product demonstration - practical demonstration of a current BIM product
Type:  Seminar

Featured CPD Material

This seminar will enable architects to understand how and when to apply the Stretch Ceiling product.
Type:  Seminar
This seminar offers an explanation of types of green roof, benefits of a green roof, key design considerations, green roof case studies and legislation.
Type:  Seminar
This seminar aims to:

- Enable listeners to make informed choices about the suitability of background substrates for tiling in wet/damp environments
- Help the audience understand British and European standards for tiling
- Provide guidance on the design and construction of trouble-free backgrounds for tiling
- Demonstrate how to create a completely waterproof, inert and dimensionally stable wet room
Type:  Seminar
An introduction to the sustainability of gypsum products, the capabilities of plasterboard systems and the new innovations which enable gypsum based boards to fulfil demanding construction needs.
Type:  Seminar

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