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Essential CPD information for the construction industry

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Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. These include both brand new and newly-revised CPD materials.  read more...

Latest online CPD

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This module on timber cladding is the second of three videos covering the core objectives, concept design and technical design stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.

Video 2 of 3: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 2:
This 16 minute video covers choosing the right timber for cladding and selecting the right board dimensions and profile. It also offers advice on board profile and surface, board fixing, treatment and coatings and sustainable timber procurement.

The module of three videos will help you understand and learn about the following topics:
- Understand how to design using timber as an external cladding and the design effects that can be achieved
- Understand how to ensure the sustainability of timber cladding and the procurement of legal and sustainable timber
- Understand how to specify and detail cladding
- Understand how to issue fixing instructions to the contractor
- Understand how to issue coating and maintenance advice to the contractor and customer
- Learn about the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations relating to timber cladding
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This presentation explains where LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) can be installed as an alternative to oil, factors that affect their use, environmental benefits and financial incentives. It will help you to understand the following topics.
- Understand the types of LPG available
- Understand and identify where LPG can be physically installed looking at siting and safety issues
- Understand the environmental benefits and financial incentives for using LPG including the Green Deal and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
- Understand how a metered LPG supply can be used on a housing development
- Understand the key legislation and codes of practice that apply
- Understand LNG as an off gird energy solution for large industrial customers
Product area: Fuel gases other than mains gas
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This seminar will enable architects to understand the key environmental risks that can affect a site for future development and the knock on impacts to project timelines and costs. The seminar covers:
- Contaminated land, legislation and risk exposure to landowners and developers
- Flooding, legislation, guidance and due diligence, data used to asses flood risk and insurability
- Energy, future impact of shale gas fracking on sites and communities, statistics, benefits and implications
- Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica), how the spread of the Knotweed can impact on site preparation and the importance of early identification
- Integrating site risk identification with digital mapping requirements for site plans and planning submissions

Product area: General

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

Reading gives you knowledge to meet your commitment to all areas of the CPD core curriculum:
- 1000s of specialist books available; ensuring you keep up-to-date with current legislation
- Current information and guides to the Building Regulations
- Guides for compliance with health & safety law
- Books supporting your business development by learning from the latest business thinking and RIBA guidance
- Case studies and best practice from building design to project management
- The RIBA's Architect's Handbook of Practice Management
- The RIBA Architect's Job Book
- Range of guides for choosing and administering construction contracts and RIBA Forms of Appointment
- CPD reading lists for the core corriculum topics are available
- Earn CPD points from reading
Type:  Literature , Other
- Where has BIM come from?
- What are the misconceptions about BIM?
- Who is BIM for?
- How does BIM benefit?
- How does BIM fit in with specification and the RIBA Plan of Work?
- BIM, concept through to facilities mangement
- BIM as a major cost saving
Type:  Seminar
An introduction to NBS Landscape, for landscape architects who create and edit landscape specifications.

This introductory course covers how to effectively use the software, along with supporting guidance on best-practice specification writing.

As well as receiving CPD accreditation on completion of the course, attendees will find time spent with an experienced NBS trainer a valuable asset to their development. A product-specific training manual will also be given to attendees to take away with them at the end of the course.

On completion of the course you will be able to:
- Understand the structure of work sections which is based upon the Common Arrangement Work Sections (CAWS)
- Create and edit a specification and set of preliminaries using clause editing tools, the NBS Guidance and manufacturers’ information
- Understand the basics of Office Standards as a useful basis for project specification, saving time in the specification writing process and ensuring consistency
- Track changes to your specification by using Revisions
- Format, print and export the specification
- Define user access to specifications and preliminaries
Type:  Course , Online Learning
How to address the challenges of meeting the client expectations and the mechanisms through which the architect is able to manage their liability.
Type:  Seminar

Featured CPD Material

- The benefits of BS 7533: an introduction
- Typical build-up using BS 7533
- Design and construction of rigid and bound pavements in the public realm
- Grouting: slurry or gun applied?
- Illustrating problems associated with poor design or construction
- Basic principles of the standard and the guidance it provides
- Other considerations impacting on life and quality of paving in the public realm
- The rest of the construction? Exploring resinous mortars
- Case studies

Type:  Seminar
This seminar provides an understanding of product construction and properties and performance.It will guide the architect to correctly specify for both aesthetic and technical requirements.
Type:  Seminar
This Seminar will cover the following topics:
- The Importance of Consultation
- Space Planning
- System Functionality – what it can do
- Engineering considerations
- Support and Maintenance.
Type:  Seminar
This seminar will give you an insight into the design and specification of concrete masonry and roof tiles, the products available, their characteristics and relevant European standards. This seminar will help you to understand the following topics.
- Understand the relevant European standards relating to concrete masonry products and product characteristics
- Understand how concrete masonry products are manufactured
- Understand the variety of natural stone finishes available and the different options for laying and detailing concrete masonry and roof tiles
- Understand how to control movement and accommodate shrinkage in concrete masonry
- Understand manual handling issues when specifying concrete masonry products
Type:  Seminar

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