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Latest online CPD

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This semianr highlights the importance of considering the health & well being of occupants at design stage and identifies key elements in supporting health & well being in thermal comfort and indoor air quality.
• Identifies use of essential natural elements to support this – daylight and fresh air
• Provides overview of the need for climate renovation – refurbishment of existing building stock
• Provides introduction to the Active House principles
• Offers simple solutions with the use of simulation software to check design proposals
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Experts from the timber industry take you through the ways timber systems can help meet your quality objectives, including:
• Accuracy, insulation and air-tightness
• Thermal Performance
• Building Performance
• Offsite manufacture

Get the facts about how timber can help you meet sustainability goals, including information on:
• Renewability and certification
• Carbon storage
• Recyclability
• The Code for Sustainable Homes

Learn about the different timber options available to you, including:
• Timber frame (open and closed panel)
• Post and beam
• Cross Laminated Timber
• Glulam

Timber industry experts give advice from different perspectives about how to achieve best value out of a timber frame project.
Product area: Floor beams - timber
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This module on timber cladding is the first of three videos covering the core objectives, concept design and technical design stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.

Video 1 of 3: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 1:
This 7 minute video offers a review of the award-winning Walk Barn Farm, Suffolk and a review of recent European projects using timber cladding. It also provides an introduction to the importance of specifying and detailing timber cladding correctly.

The module of three videos will help you understand and learn about the following topics:
- Understand how to design using timber as an external cladding and the design effects that can be achieved
- Understand how to ensure the sustainability of timber cladding and the procurement of legal and sustainable timber
- Understand how to specify and detail cladding
- Understand how to issue fixing instructions to the contractor
- Understand how to issue coating and maintenance advice to the contractor and customer
- Learn about the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations relating to timber cladding
Product area: Timber frames

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

This seminar aims to help delegates:

- Understand what makes a great and winning bid
- Understand what buyers will be looking for in a bid
- Understand how to demonstrate value
- Understand what a value matrix is and how it adds power to a bid
Type:  Seminar
How to address the challenges of meeting the client expectations and the mechanisms through which the architect is able to manage their liability.
Type:  Seminar
Recent dramatic technological developments in data capture are causing revolutionary changes in the measured survey industry. High definition 3D laser scanners, used for both internal and external data capture, are more accurate, faster, and less intrusive resulting in significant cost and time savings. The comprehensive data captured is driving the change towards the delivery of 3D information, which allows users to interact with, and visualise data in ways not possible before.
Type:  Seminar
The following topics will be covered while the content of the seminar will be tailored to suit the mix of delegates:

- Managing project budgets - setting cost rates, charge-out rates, time recording principles, factors influencing a project budget, handling unknowns/risks, managing changes/extras, monitoring progress and measuring profitability/performance during the project.
- Fee calculation, negotiation and management - timing and securing fees in advance, due diligence checks on clients, mailing appointments, different ways of looking at fees (e.g. architect's perspective, client's perspective, market view).
- Managing cash flow - understanding the difference between profit and cash, easy cash flows, handling the bank manager (comparing with profit and loss, quick look at management accounts – don't wait until the end of the year to find out), managing drawings.

This event is taking place at the following locations in 2012:

26 January, Birmingham
23 February, Crawley
13 March, Exeter
19 April, Cambridge
10 May, Cardiff
14 June, Gateshead
18 July, Leeds
19 September, Manchester
20 September, Liverpool
10 October, Reading
11 October, Bath
16 October, London
24 October, Nottingham
Type:  Seminar

Featured CPD Material

- Moisture and wood frame buildings
- Wood trusses - strength, economy, versatility
- Fire resistance and sound transmission in wood frame residential buildings
- Sustainability and life cycle analysis for residential buildings
- Thermal performance of light frame assemblies

The literature aims to provide information on designing with wood as an alternative to other building materials, addresses frequently identified challenges to designing with wood and how they can be overcome, explains how architects can design large open spaces in a building, ideas for acoustics, fire safety and energy efficiency and how to avoid building envelope failures moisture areas.
Type:  Literature
This video CPD aims to cover:

- Thin-levelling flooring screeds
- Design floor screeds
- Hemi-hydrate floor screeds
Type:  Video
This seminar will:

- Focus on accessibility in new residential Buildings
- Focus on Volume 1 of Part M Building regulations
- Explain the bathroom layouts in detail to help facilitate planning of new residential bathrooms and cloakrooms. There is a particular focus on explaining the realationship between products and wheelchair access zones.
- At the end of the seminar attendees will be able to both understand requirements, why they are in place and know what to do or who to ask when planning residential bathrooms
Type:  Seminar
This seminar will outline:
- A background to the British Standard and the major changes to BS 5534
- An explanation of the problems and solutions as related to the standard including: tile fixings; appropriate use of underlay; mechanically fixing ridge and hip
Type:  Seminar

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