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Sound proofing and compliance with Part E/ section 5 Building Regulations made simple with Sound Proofing Solutions CPD.

Includes methods of compliance, pre-completion testing, robust details, new build, refurbishment and conversion projects. Suitable solutions for floors, Walls and ceilings
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This seminar explores rooflight solutions for the metal building envelope, addressing:
• considerations when specifying rooflights
• the innovations that are being implemented in practice
• the economic and environmental benefits that accrue from these developments.

With particular attention to the importance of natural light, safety improvements, legislative pressures and environmental concerns for the typical warehouse and out of town retail unit.
Product area: Rooflights
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The Inclusive Access to Washrooms gives a full overview of Building Regulations Part M. BS8300:2009, and the demands of the Equality Act. It also focuses on good inclusive design principles, washroom product trends and introduces the advantages of BIM.
Product area: Bathroom accessories

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

This seminar aims to give understanding of:

- The need for renewable energy, the legislation and incentives
- The principles of solar photovoltaic technology and system components
- How solar photovoltaic systems perform in the UK
- Roof and building integrated applications of photovoltaics
Type:  Seminar
This seminar looks at areas of structural waterproofing, the hot melt rubber system, installation and typical applications.
Type:  Seminar
This CPD aims to:

- Begin the study of elements of whole systems design with the site assessment phase.
- Explore building and site elements that are important in microclimatic design.
- Observe building form and microclimates where you live.
- Use the lecture and reading information to create (draw) a site assessment plan and (write) a Building Assessment for your case study site.
- Incorporate the study of water into climate modification techniques and design applications.
- Understand the functional and environmental implications of keeping stormwater on site.
- As the design statement and goals and objectives evolve, incorporate water, low impact design, and the inter-connectedness among various design elements and into the proposal.
Type:  Advanced degree , Online Learning
This seminar will discuss the selection criteria when considering what form of contract your client should enter into with a main contractor. Procurement techniques and how to consider tenders and deal with tender amendments will also be discussed, as will European procurement guidelines and the effect of qualitative criteria scoring.

The session will cover how and why to amend Standard Forms of Contracts and how to incorporate documents into the contract. It will look at how to deal with ambiguities between those documents, as well as dealing with Letters of Intent.

Finally, the seminar will briefly discuss the legislative changes to the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and what impact these have had, to which contracts they apply and when they should not be incorporated.

This event is taking place at the following locations in 2012:

19 January, Cambridge
15 February, Cardiff
8 March, Reading
25 April, Crawley
15 May, Exeter
27 June, Nottingham
18 July, Manchester
19 July, Liverpool
26 July, Birmingham
18 September, London
11 October, Gateshead
8 November, Bath
21 November, Leeds
Type:  Seminar

Featured CPD Material

This seminar aims to show that flat roofing can be a viable and economical solution; it also looks at avoiding the common pitfalls that cause flat roof failure.
Type:  Online Learning
This seminar equips the specifier with better knowledge of hard metal roofing and cladding systems. It explains and provides guidance on the following topics.
- Hard metal roof construction methods
- The range of hard metal options available and the benefits of zinc, copper and stainless steel
- Hard metal specification and defining the client’s brief
- The role that the manufacturer or distributor can fulfil from the point of specification to installation and guarantee
- How to factor out common problems through best practice
Type:  Seminar
by Toto UK
An introduction to modern WC design and technology for improved hygiene. The seminar covers:
- Hygiene benefits of a rimless WC pan design
- Effective WC flushing design
- Super smooth surface to reduce build up of dirt and bacteria
- Electronic bidets
- Electrolyzed water (ewater) to combat bacteria
- Self-cleaning toilet technology
- Self-powered sensor taps
Type:  Seminar
Climate is important to everyone involved in designing the built environment, what we do at building scale influences the microclimate at the neighbourhood or masterplan scale of development. Understanding microclimate is key to creating comfortable, low energy developments. This seminar will help you to understand and learn about the following topics:
- Understand how climate is fundamental to design
- Understand the microclimate interactions between the building scale and the community scale
- Discover tools and techniques for modelling microclimate
- Identify how to harness microclimate to create low-energy, comfortable internal spaces
- Be aware of potential adverse effects of climate and learn how to mitigate them, particularly when working on projects where the climate may be unfamiliar
Type:  Seminar

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