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Essential CPD information for the construction industry

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Latest online CPD

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This seminar will enable architects to understand the key environmental risks that can affect a site for future development and the knock on impacts to project timelines and costs. The seminar covers:
- Contaminated land, legislation and risk exposure to landowners and developers
- Flooding, legislation, guidance and due diligence, data used to asses flood risk and insurability
- Energy, future impact of shale gas fracking on sites and communities, statistics, benefits and implications
- Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica), how the spread of the Knotweed can impact on site preparation and the importance of early identification
- Integrating site risk identification with digital mapping requirements for site plans and planning submissions

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This module on timber cladding is the third of three videos covering the core objectives, concept design and technical design stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.

Video 3 of 3: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 4: Technical Design. This 10 minute video covers technical details for cavities, structural support and battens, technical details for installing timber cladding, fixing different styles of timber cladding, corner details and British Standards and Building Regulations.

The module of three videos will help you understand and learn about the following topics:
- Understand how to design using timber as an external cladding and the design effects that can be achieved
- Understand how to ensure the sustainability of timber cladding and the procurement of legal and sustainable timber
- Understand how to specify and detail cladding
- Understand how to issue fixing instructions to the contractor
- Understand how to issue coating and maintenance advice to the contractor and customer
- Learn about the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations relating to timber cladding
Product area: Timber frames
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- BS 8102 Code of Practice for Below Ground Waterproofing.
- Waterproofing with drainage membranes.
- Their use in existing and new build basements.
- How they are installed.
- The use of drainage and sump pumps.
- The importance of regular maintenance
Product area: Damp-proof course membranes, cavity trays, flashings

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

Reading gives you knowledge to meet your commitment to all areas of the CPD core curriculum:
- 1000s of specialist books available; ensuring you keep up-to-date with current legislation
- Current information and guides to the Building Regulations
- Guides for compliance with health & safety law
- Books supporting your business development by learning from the latest business thinking and RIBA guidance
- Case studies and best practice from building design to project management
- The RIBA's Architect's Handbook of Practice Management
- The RIBA Architect's Job Book
- Range of guides for choosing and administering construction contracts and RIBA Forms of Appointment
- CPD reading lists for the core corriculum topics are available
- Earn CPD points from reading
Type:  Literature , Other
This CPD aims to help architects:

- Understand the major factors that make healthcare architecture different from other building types, and the implications of these differences on green building.
- Address the relationship between “green” and “healthy” as it pertains to healthcare facilities.
- Determine driving factors other than environmental sustainability that are relevant to healthcare facility design.
- Understand the differing needs between patients, families, administrators and staff.
- Understand the main contributing factors to indoor environmental quality in healthcare buildings, and why these might not be the same as for other building types.
- Determine how healthcare facilities are uniquely affected by lighting design, especially for aging and other visually challenged populations.
- Describe best practices in acoustical design for healthcare facilities.
- Apply concepts associated with the biophilia hypothesis to healthcare.
- Understand the major contributors to air quality in hospitals.
- Determine the differences between air quality in healthcare facilities and other building types.
Type:  Advanced degree , Online Learning
- Where has BIM come from?
- What are the misconceptions about BIM?
- Who is BIM for?
- How does BIM benefit?
- How does BIM fit in with specification and the RIBA Plan of Work?
- BIM, concept through to facilities mangement
- BIM as a major cost saving
Type:  Seminar
Built Environment video content offering high quality b2b professional programming for:
- Architects
- Surveyors
- Civil Engineers
- Planners and
- other related construction professionals

The video programmes provide an easy, effective and enjoyable way to stay up to date and gain CPD points. Through a wide range of video programmes - available as a benefit of subscription to both NBS and Campus subscribers,, current professional challenges are identified and investigated. An insight is provided into topical planning, legal, regulatory and technological issues, using debate and in-depth interviews. Informative documentaries and stimulating case studies along with valuable input from the RIBA, RICS, ICE, RTPI, an independent editorial panel and leading architects and construction industry professionals, advisors and consultants, ensures that viewers gain maximum exposure to new developments within the industry. Inspiring location reports and in-depth interviews with leading experts and specialists take you from the comfort of your seat, straight to the heart of the latest projects, developments and legal and regulatory updates.
Type:  Online Learning

Featured CPD Material

This seminar aims to:

- Explain and demonstrate absorption and reverberation
- Raise awareness of architects to BB93
- Enable architects to make informed choices regarding the types of products available and a brief overview of those products on the market and suitable applications and performance
Type:  Seminar
This seminar provides an understanding how cellular glass insulation is manufactured, the features and benefits of an hermetically sealed glass wall cell structure.

• Sustainability and environmental issues; use of post-consumer waste / abundant natural raw materials.
• Building physics; how insulation materials react to moisture, fire, point loading, changes in temperature, resistance to attack.
•Building regulations Part L – Eliminating thermal bridging in foundations and wall / floor junctions.
• The Compact Roof – Standing Seam and flat roof’s
• Facades
• Interiors and refurbishment
• Case studies
• Below ground – Foundations,
• Technical support services.
• Questions
Type:  Online Learning , Seminar
A presentation to give an understanding of sliding and folding door gear specification. Covering both advantages and uses for door gear as well as typical scenarios, specification considerations and the specification process broken down into easy to follow steps. Presentation includes videos, handouts and full technical literature.
Type:  Seminar
Mastic asphalt as an exceptional waterproofing material. This seminar explains exactly what mastic asphalt is and how it is versatile enough to be used in many different structural waterproofing scenarios. It also covers a range of design considerations and features a number of typical detail drawings and real life practical examples. Concludes with a section dedicated to sustainability, illustrating some of the unique environmental properties of mastic asphalt.
This seminar covers:
- Introduction to mastic asphalt waterproofing and applications for roofing, paving, flooring, tanking and screeding
- The green credentials that mastic asphalt has to offer
- Challenges to any negative perceptions of mastic asphalt and how it has evolved to meet the needs of modern construction
- How you might specify mastic asphalt on a forthcoming structural waterproofing project
Type:  Seminar

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