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- BS 8102 Code of Practice for Below Ground Waterproofing.
- Waterproofing with drainage membranes.
- Their use in existing and new build basements.
- How they are installed.
- The use of drainage and sump pumps.
- The importance of regular maintenance
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The Inclusive Access to Washrooms gives a full overview of Building Regulations Part M. BS8300:2009, and the demands of the Equality Act. It also focuses on good inclusive design principles, washroom product trends and introduces the advantages of BIM.
Product area: Bathroom accessories
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The third of three videos in CPD feature based on the RIBA work stages, to give you the information you need about building with Timber in a way that suits the way you work.

Certification and procurement – how you can meet sustainable procurement criteria.

Learn more technical information about what goes into open and closed panel timber frame systems, how to incorporate steel elements and how to achieve the levels of thermal insulation you need.

How to get the most out of off-site manufacturing and the importance of SiteSafe practices to reducing the risk of fire on construction sites.
Product area: Floor beams - timber

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

This glossary of technology terms aims to enable design professionals to better understand the terminology and phrases used in the home technology industry. It will help designers to build their vocabulary for communications with home technology businesses about their clients technology needs in the residential environment.
Type:  Literature
This seminar will:
- Inform architects of the latest research
- Help architects think about how they can design to encourage creativity in the workplace
- Generate debate about "great places to work"
Type:  Seminar
- To understand course requirements.
- Recognition of the complementary knowledges required for the sustainable development professional.
- Clarification of the elusive term “sustainability.”
- Defining “economics” in the context of green building.
- Recognition of green building as one of many business strategies.
Type:  Advanced degree , Online Learning
This CPD aims:

- To state course requirements and to begin our exploration of sustainability and design.
- To give you new thinking tools for understanding long-term, dynamic, complex systems and how this understanding can help sustainable design.
- To introduce you to the ideas of design patterns and pattern languages; to explore how pattern languages could be used to network design professionals in common efforts across geographic scales; to explore the geometry of sustainable, natural, living systems.
- To increase the skill with which you bring collaboration and integrated-design processes into your work.
- To increase your ability to incorporate services provided by nature when designing and engineering. To increase your ability to design and engineer for the efficient provision of desired services; to increase your familiarity with the scope and scale of the climate-change problem; and to increase
your understanding of the effectiveness of strategies to address this problem.
- To provide thinking tools to help you assess the life cycles of materials and products, and their use in the built environment.
- To provide you with opportunities to make up for shortfalls in previous assignments.
- To invite you to integrate ideas from the course into a real-world setting.
- To provide students with ideas and perspectives for thinking about environmental sustainability.
- To provide a better understanding of some key environmental issues related to design and construction.
Type:  Advanced degree , Online Learning

Featured CPD Material

This seminar looks at aluminium’s physical properties and its benefits to the construction industry (please note that there is an additional ‘Expert’ seminar, which is a brief overview of Seminars 1 and 2 for expert audiences).
Type:  Seminar
The architect will gain a greater understanding of the many benefits of standing seam construction from a performance point of view. Plus, an insight into the many advantages aluminium can offer as a building material. Detailed information is provided on forthcoming changes to Part L2 of the Building Regulations 2000 (England and Wales) and how standing seam construction will comply with these changes.
Type:  Seminar
This seminar identifies the inevitability of steel corrosion, the problems caused by corrosion and the range of potential benefits through selection of hot dip galvanizing as a corrosion protection system.
Type:  Seminar
This seminar will give the specifier an all round understanding of the issues surrounding life cycle analysis and end of life implications for composite panels. It will de-mystify the measures used to calculate impacts and aid in informed decision making. It looks to explore the relationships between architecture, environmental drivers and composite panels. It will finally offer an understanding of the methods of measuring environmental performance via LCA, to increase knowledge of waste hierarchy and its impacts on sustainability and the environment at the end of the product's life.
Type:  Seminar

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