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This seminar provides an understanding how cellular glass insulation is manufactured, the features and benefits of an hermetically sealed glass wall cell structure.

• Sustainability and environmental issues; use of post-consumer waste / abundant natural raw materials.
• Building physics; how insulation materials react to moisture, fire, point loading, changes in temperature, resistance to attack.
•Building regulations Part L – Eliminating thermal bridging in foundations and wall / floor junctions.
• The Compact Roof – Standing Seam and flat roof’s
• Facades
• Interiors and refurbishment
• Case studies
• Below ground – Foundations,
• Technical support services.
• Questions
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The third of three videos in CPD feature based on the RIBA work stages, to give you the information you need about building with Timber in a way that suits the way you work.

Certification and procurement – how you can meet sustainable procurement criteria.

Learn more technical information about what goes into open and closed panel timber frame systems, how to incorporate steel elements and how to achieve the levels of thermal insulation you need.

How to get the most out of off-site manufacturing and the importance of SiteSafe practices to reducing the risk of fire on construction sites.
Product area: Floor beams - timber
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This semianr highlights the importance of considering the health & well being of occupants at design stage and identifies key elements in supporting health & well being in thermal comfort and indoor air quality.
• Identifies use of essential natural elements to support this – daylight and fresh air
• Provides overview of the need for climate renovation – refurbishment of existing building stock
• Provides introduction to the Active House principles
• Offers simple solutions with the use of simulation software to check design proposals
Product area: Roof windows, northlights

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

The AIA (American Institute of Architects) has been the USA's leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857.

With nearly 300 state and local chapters, the AIA serves as the voice of the architecture profession and the resource for our members in service to society.

We carry out our goal through advocacy, information, and community. Each year the AIA

Sponsors hundreds of continuing education experiences to help architects maintain their licensure

Sets the industry standard in contract documents with more than 100 forms and contracts used in the design and construction industry

Provides countless Web-based resources for emerging architecture professionals

Conducts market research and provides analysis of the economic factors that affect the business of architecture
Hosts the annual AIA National Convention and Design Exposition

Serves as an advocate of the architecture profession
Promotes design excellence and outstanding professional achievement through an awards program

The AIA convention is an enjoyable, informative challenging and instructive week in the annual calendar. Not everyone can get to the USA to attend, so the AIA makes convention sessions available virtually.

RIBA members and other built environment professionals are invited to access dozens of on demand videos from past AIA convention sessions, including the 2013 sessions from Denver.

Each on-demand session is reasonably priced and offers an hour or ninety minutes of interesting CPD on a huge array of practice and design topics from an American perspective.

AIA Virtual Convention on-demand video sessions are a great way for RIBA members in the USA, the UK and elsewhere to do some at-desk self-directed CPD. While some topics may be more pertinent for practice in the USA, there are still scores of sessions any architect could benefit from.

Visit http://convention.aia.org/event/convention-home.aspx to find out more.
Type:  Online Learning , Seminar
- CAD versus BIM – defining Building Information Modelling and differentiating from CAD.
- Industry trends and challenges - review current industry trends and challenges directing many major companies and organisations address working practices and workflows and move towards a BIM approach
- Product demonstration - practical demonstration of a current BIM product
Type:  Seminar
Building Regulations by definition are reviewed and revised frequently, which can cause a headache for the designer.

Written and presented by experienced building control practitioners, this seminar provides critical information on building regulations in relation to energy efficiency, sustainability and climate change.

Focusing on current requirements, future standards, design issues and practical implications for architects, the seminar covers:

- Part L - conservation of energy, renovation of thermal elements, replacement windows.
- Part F - ventilation
- Part J - heating
- Part P - electrics
- Part G - water safety and usage

Compliance processes, future changes to building regulations and revisions in the pipeline will also be addressed.

This event is taking place at the following locations in 2012:

21 February, London
21 March, Manchester
22 March, Liverpool
17 May, Bath
20 June, Leeds
28 June, Birmingham
11 July, Reading
19 July, Cambridge
25 July, Nottingham
10 October, Cardiff
18 October, Crawley
8 November, Gateshead
13 November, Exeter
Type:  Seminar
- Where has BIM come from?
- What are the misconceptions about BIM?
- Who is BIM for?
- How does BIM benefit?
- How does BIM fit in with specification and the RIBA Plan of Work?
- BIM, concept through to facilities mangement
- BIM as a major cost saving
Type:  Seminar

Featured CPD Material

This seminar aims to explain how underfloor heating works, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of various heating systems, provides solutions to common heating problems and resolves factors affecting specification.
Type:  Online Learning , Seminar
To allow RIBA members to gain a comprehensive understanding of the most advanced carpet technology available to date in the industry and how the benefits of such solutions may be applied to any given project, successfully, effectively, and without compromise to performance standards and in the very best interest of the end client.

– Total freedom of design
– Undisputed performance standards
– Fast track deliveries guaranteed
– Dramatic reduction in seams (weak spots)
– Fast track simplified installation
– Unequalled value for money

This tour takes place at at the ege mill in Herning, Denmark over two days.
Applications from any interested parties are accepted.
Type:  Factory Visit
An interactive session that will help identify the strategies and constraints to consider when integrating modern facilities in historic buildings.
Type:  Seminar
This seminar will:
- Highlight various requirements within these documents with regard to handrails
- Give a brief explanation/history of the Equality Act /BS8300:2001 (with BS8300:2009 amendements) and Document M, where we are and how we got there
- Consider design considerations and confirm the requirements within these documents regarding handrails
- Discuss what is resonable regarding Document M "Access to and use of buildings"
- Light reflectance values (LRV) what is it and why?
- Disability Rights Commission (DRC), who they are and what they do?
Type:  Seminar

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