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Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. These include both brand new and newly revised CPD materials.  read more...

Latest online CPD

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This module on timber cladding is the third of three videos covering the core objectives, concept design and technical design stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.

Video 3 of 3: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 4: Technical Design. This 10 minute video covers technical details for cavities, structural support and battens, technical details for installing timber cladding, fixing different styles of timber cladding, corner details and British Standards and Building Regulations.

The module of three videos will help you understand and learn about the following topics:
- Understand how to design using timber as an external cladding and the design effects that can be achieved
- Understand how to ensure the sustainability of timber cladding and the procurement of legal and sustainable timber
- Understand how to specify and detail cladding
- Understand how to issue fixing instructions to the contractor
- Understand how to issue coating and maintenance advice to the contractor and customer
- Learn about the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations relating to timber cladding
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This presentation explains where LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) can be installed as an alternative to oil, factors that affect their use, environmental benefits and financial incentives. It will help you to understand the following topics.
- Understand the types of LPG available
- Understand and identify where LPG can be physically installed looking at siting and safety issues
- Understand the environmental benefits and financial incentives for using LPG including the Green Deal and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
- Understand how a metered LPG supply can be used on a housing development
- Understand the key legislation and codes of practice that apply
- Understand LNG as an off gird energy solution for large industrial customers
Product area: Fuel gases other than mains gas
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The third of three videos in CPD feature based on the RIBA work stages, to give you the information you need about building with Timber in a way that suits the way you work.

Certification and procurement – how you can meet sustainable procurement criteria.

Learn more technical information about what goes into open and closed panel timber frame systems, how to incorporate steel elements and how to achieve the levels of thermal insulation you need.

How to get the most out of off-site manufacturing and the importance of SiteSafe practices to reducing the risk of fire on construction sites.
Product area: Floor beams - timber

External management: clients, users and delivery of services

Following a short refresher on the principles of modern professional liability, the programme is devoted to applications of the principles to specific areas of architectural practice, covering: use of letters of intent and the giving of advice on forms of contract and procurement strategies;
design liability under traditional employer design and design and build models; liability to client and to third parties by
collateral warranty and under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act; liability for contract administration, including certification responsibility and dispute resolution. The emphasis is on proactive risk management and dispute avoidance through identification and analysis of potential problem areas.

This seminar will be taking place on the following dates in 2013:

10 January - Gateshead
7 February - Reading
14 March - Bath
27 March - Nottingham
17 April - Cardiff
11 June - Exeter
18 June - London
5 September - Crawley
9 October - Leeds
16 October - Manchester
17 October - Liverpool
7 November - Cambridge
14 November - Birmingham
Type:  Seminar
An introduction to NBS Scheduler for users who wish to prepare schedules of work for smaller-scale, new build or refurbishment projects.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
- Navigate the NBS Scheduler screen layout
- Create schedules of work using the NBS content libraries
- Use the pre-defined templates as a basis for schedules
– Edit a schedule to be project-specific by adding or removing pre-written NBS clauses as well as creating your own content
- View the automatically created Reference Specification
- Create a set of preliminaries
- Format, export and print the finished documents
Type:  Course , Online Learning
- This 3 day course is aimed at all CDM 2015 duty holders and those involved in construction planning, design and management.

- It has been developed to guide you through the regulatory requirements and practical implementation of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

- The course covers the implications for all duty holders to discharge their duties and includes the historical background for changes.

- It considers the expectations of the HSE in what they hope to achieve and provides detailed analysis for applying CDM 2015 following the HSE’s accompanying L-Series Guidance and the associated HSE-CITB industry guidance documents.

- It provides an insight into the intentions and implications of CDM 2015 for duty holders in the Pre-Construction Phase and the detailed requirements for discharging health and safety coordination duties

- It also includes guidance for existing CDM Coordinators on how they can utilise their experience to advise and assist CDM 2015 duty holders.
Type:  Course
This seminar looks at:

- Sources and applications of digital ordnance survey mapping
- Sources of enviromental data including case studies
- Sources of planning data
- Historical mapping
- Aerial photography
Type:  Seminar

Featured CPD Material

This seminar presents the five key influencers that shape the landscape for an active working environment:
- Interior landscaping driven by employee focus and the importance of integrated biophylic designs
- Health and wellbeing, investing in the workforce
- Environmental responsibility and how the manufacturer can contribute
- Design solutions driven by targeting activities and the importance of integrated technology
Type:  Seminar
Consists of the development and submission of a personal written, graphic or video essay designed to faciliate critical reflection on both the theoretical and fieldwork components of previous stages of Challenging Practice. By the end of this Stage you wil have:
- Demonstrated a critical understanding of the specific complexity of circumstances and constraints that built environment professionals have to respond to when addressing issues of poverty and inequality in urban areas
- Understood analytically different ways of intervening in urban areas in the field of international and community development practice
- Gained the capacity to evaluate a range of spatial interventions in terms of the extent to which they effectively address issues related to poverty and inequality in urban contexts from a community-based perspective
- Demonstrated critical awareness of your own professional role in the context of urban development practice
Type:  Course
This seminar offers guidance on how to specify modified screeds successfully. It looks at the types of screeds available and the design considerations and installation methods that can affect your decisions on screed selection. It also considers the approved test methods which ensure that a screed has been applied correctly and to the required specification. This seminar will help you to understand and be aware of the following topics.
- How to better understand clients’ requirements
- Be aware of the different types of modified screeds on the market
- Be aware of the British Standards and Building Regulations relating to modified screeds
- Understand how to select the best type of modified screed for a project, be aware of methods of delivery, how to mix and lay screeds and chose a contractor
- Be aware of testing methods and standards for modified screeds
Type:  Seminar
Provides architects with practical guidance on the specification of stainless steel, including material grade, surface finish and flatness criteria, and factors influencing the cost of different specifications.
Type:  Seminar

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