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Unit 4 E Station Road

Four Ashes
West Midlands
WV10 7DB
Mike Wood
Tel +44 (0)1902 797700 Overview
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Telling Lime Products Ltd


Telling manufacture a range of natural lime mortar products for various applications including mortar, plaster, render, screeds and concretes, together with stabilisation and consolidation grouts, mesh reinforcement and lime paints and finishes. The natural hydraulic lime products are manufactured using a modern day manufacturing process which replicates the strength, porosity, adhesion and flexibility of historic mortars. Unilit offers lime concrete, wearing screeds, bedding and pointing mortars for stone and tiles. These can be laid without expansion or slip joints and prevents differential movement between the floor screed and the walls of lime built structures. TECHNOpor® is a glass foam granulate (glass foam gravel) that is the ecological alternative for insulation to building floors. It is is a lightweight, breathable aggregate made from recycled glass for use as a load bearing hardcore. Technopor® Perimeter 50 has a Lambda thermal performance of around 0.08 it is stable and load bearing with an exceptional compressive strength of approximately 500kn/ m². The grain sizes are 30 - 50mm are compacted by a vibrating plate. When used in conjunction with underfloor heating Technopor® improves stability and ensures an open pore structure with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, thereby enhancing the storage of heat.

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Natural Hydraulic Limes - Applications and Specifications
This seminar offers a history and understanding of production process comparisons with performance of cement based products, and looks at chemical reactions which take place when products are used in sensitive renovation situations.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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