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Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinders Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of hot water storage solutions.

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Specifying Hot Water Cylinders for Air Source Heat Pumps
This seminar is intended to give architects an overview of how a correctly specified hot water cylinder enables an air source heat pump to operate at optimum efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption and subsequently carbon emissions. Areas for consideration will include an appreciation of the variation in the method of operation between air source heat pumps and how the balance between storage capacity, demand and heat input is key when selecting a hot water storage cylinder. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to maximise efficiency to meet specific domestic hot water requirements in the most cost-effective way
- The benefits of the different types and specifications of cylinder heating coils
- The importance of correctly sizing a hot water cylinder in an air source heat pump heating and hot water system
- The relationship between air source heat pump output and hot water cylinder size
- The requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document G3 when specifying, installing and maintaining hot water storage cylinders
- How to minimise the risks of legionella in low temperature hot water systems
- How to design an efficient, cost-effective air source heat pump heating system that operates at optimum performance

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General Awareness
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