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Unit 2, Acorn Business Park

Airedale Business Centre
BD23 2UE
Tel +44 (0)1756 701 522 Overview
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Sigmat Limited


The UK leader in light gauge steel framing offering a cost effective, faster alternative to traditional building methods. We design, manufacture, assemble and install load-bearing LGSF. A one stop shop with 18+ years of extensive construction knowledge, a proven ability to innovate with enhanced structural capability to 15 storeys.

CPD Material (1)

Modern methods of construction - A ‘best practice’ presentation demonstrating load bearing light gauge steel framing
The aim of this seminar is to give an understanding of what load bearing light gauge steel framing (LGSF) is, what it is capable of and how it can be applied to suitable new building projects. Topics covered will include the benefits of LGSF over traditional methods of construction, how to engage with LGSF contractors and what typically happens on site. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The building types that suit LGSF construction
- The design principles that need to be employed to gain the most benefit
-The limitations of LGSF along with the fact that all systems are not the same
- The potential of LGSF as a complete solution with an earlier return upon investment
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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