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SageGlass is a dynamic glazing solution combined with an intelligent control system that takes into account occupant and climatic parameters to adapt its tint throughout the day. SageGlass offers great thermal and visual comfort to the building's occupants, and the possibility to create buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, more respectul of the environment and easier to maintain. As a Saint-Gobain company, SageGlass is part of a group that spans 70 countries and 350 years of building science expertise.

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Electrochromic Glass: Optimizing daylighting design to support human comfort and building energy performance
This CPD explores the modern design challenges associated with dynamic glass. It describes what Electrochromic glass is and how it can help to respond to those challenges. Within the CPD are details about the performance features and applications of Electrochromic glass and its sustainable benefits. What's also covered, is the design freedom and associated considerations with EC glass as well as the requirements for installation and maintenance. Finally, some successful project experiences are shown. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- Modern design challenges, what Electrochromic glass is and how it can help to respond to those challenges
- The performance features and applications of Electrochromic glass
- The sustainable benefits of EC glass
- Design freedom and considerations with EC glass
- Installation and maintenance

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General Awareness
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