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Safetell Ltd


Safetell is a leading designer, manufacturer, installer, and maintenance provider of security products: including bullet resistant and / or attack resistant cashier glazing in a number of styles, bullet resistant fast rising screens, counterwork, security doors, cash scoops, nightpay hatches, speech transfer systems, bulk transfer units, cash drawers, keysafes,and bespoke security products. Safetell also provides a range of cash recycling & time delay cashier pedestal products for both banking and retailer clients.

CPD Material (1)

Protection of Organisations and Staff from Attack by Firearms and Manual Attack at Fixed Premises
This seminar will outline:
- Why protection of organisations and staff against attack by firearms and manual attack is important
- Definitions of ballistic and manual attack
- The relevant British and harmonised European standards (for ballistic and manual attack)
- Considerations in protection against ballistic and manual attack
Material type: Seminar


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