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Ritec International Ltd


With over 30 years’ experience and proven results, Ritec International is a pioneer and market leader for ClearShield® 'non-stick' glass. ClearShield® provides solutions for glass renovation, protection and maintenance, and has won numerous industry awards. We also renovate and protect other surfaces including metals, plastics, paintwork and electrical insulators.

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Problem Glass - Prevention and Cure
New glass promises visibility, clarity and cleanliness
- These promises are broken by dirt and corrosion
- Problem glass is the result
- Problem glass can be prevented or cured using ClearShield “non-stick” durable glass surface protection, which will also:
- Maintain light transmission
- Protect glass before, during and after construction
- Preserves the original design vision and performance for glass
- Glass surface protection applied in the factory will prevent problem glass
- Existing problem glass can be cured using the ClearShield renovation system on-site
- ClearShield will protect all types of glass including decorative, shower, marine and BIPV, and will resist all types of dirt.
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