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Rapid Washrooms Limited

2 Relay Road
Edward Lymn
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Rapid Washrooms Limited


The company develop internet connected washroom products, that include smart soap dispensers, Legionella monitoring taps, automated toilet and urinal cleaning devices, cubicle availability lighting systems and cloud-based telemetry software. With a background in industrial automation machinery, they create products that challenge the washroom industry by setting a new standard for build quality, product reliability, consumable economy and environmental responsibility and has gone on to win them the 2017 BIFM award for best new product and service. All their products are manufactured in the UK using durable, hard wearing and sustainable materials. Their soap dispenser is machined from a solid billet of 316 stainless steel, fully serviceable and capable of millions of operations, it can produce up to 30,000 hand washes before it needs to be replenished and is proven to reduce ongoing consumable spend by up to 90%, while its innovative soap storage solution protects against bacterial cross contamination and reduces associated plastic waste by up to 98%. All their products record statistical data, that is then analysed by their servers to reveal patterns, trends, and associations relating to product and human behaviors, helping you become more efficient and able to provide the best possible user experience.

CPD Material (1)

Smart Washroom Product Design and its Impact on Hygiene, Environmental Responsibility, Customer Experience and Long Term Expenditure
This seminar will help you to learn how to identify good design practices in smart washroom equipment, understand the ongoing cost and environmental impact of equipment selection and the associated potential health hazards, while following the journey taken by a British design-manufacturer to develop the ultimate soap dispenser. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- How to identify good design practices in washroom equipment
- The benefits of smart washrooms equipment
- The unspoken health risks of soap dispensers
- How to reduce plastic waste, unnecessary expense and labour through product selection
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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