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Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Prince's Foundation for Building Community are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Prince's Foundation for Building Community

Prince's Foundation for Building Community


We are the Prince's Foundation. Our goal is a future where all of us can take part in making our communities more sustainable. We're working with everyone from local residents' groups to governments to make it happen.

CPD Material (3)

Drawing Places
This course runs over two days and will cover:
- Limbering up exercises (Line work and hatching shapes and shadows)
- Drawing people, trees and buildings
- Understanding place through drawing
- Pin up and present drawings (2 minute presentation each of principles of placemaking
- Placemaking and engaging local communities
- Master planning in practice
- Presentation and review of work
- Relevance of placemaking to planning
Material type: Course
Building for Change Summer School
Over a period of four weeks a series of lectures, workshops, drawing and building exercises and field trips, summer school participants will develop an in-depth knowledge both of:

- Traditional building and repair techniques
- How these have been, and can be applied in the twenty-first century

Material type: Course
Intensive Short Courses on the Hottest Topics of the New Urban Agenda
Material type: Seminar


Prince's Foundation for Building Community has CPD Materials in the following areas: -

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