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The RIBA's regional network, as well as the RSUA, RSAW and RIAS, meet your CPD needs with our regular programme of detailed level CPD on specific topics within the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum.

RIBA Core CPD Programme 2018

The RIBA CPD programme is designed to help you get the CPD you need.

Whether it’s structured or informal, if you can learn from it, you can make it count. Methods of CPD learning are as diverse as the topics they can cover and can be completed easily through seminars, articles, podcasts and online learning, or even factory tours and trade show visits. However, the 2018 RIBA Core Curriculum Programme can provide you with all your core requirement needs.

You are able to dictate the route your Continuing Professional Development takes, choosing the subjects that will strengthen your expertise and broaden your knowledge.

Your CPD enables you to plan your career, strengthen your business, update your knowledge, and acquire new skills and specialisms in an increasingly competitive market.

Requirements for RIBA chartered members:
  • 35 hours of CPD input per year
(at least 50% should be ‘structured’ learning e.g. seminars)
  • 20 of the 35 hours should come from the 10 RIBA CPD Core
Curriculum topics
  • Award at least 100 points to the annual CPD activities carried out

You can purchase a ticket on a pay-as-you-go basis or buy a CPD Club ticket which demonstrates a significant saving of £250 per year.

We hope this flexible approach will give you more opportunity to build your professional competence, as well as helping you to meet you annual CPD requirements. More information
For further information, email