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West Sussex
RH15 0LZ
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Keymer Tiles Ltd


Keymer is the oldest UK manufacturer of genuine hand made clay tiles. All the clay tiles are produced at the company’s factory in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and are unique – each being hand made by master craftsmen using Keymer’s own Wealden clay. The clay tiles offer subtle variations in colour, texture and shape. The result is an individual, timeless product that becomes more impressive with age. The company produces two ranges of plain tiles; the Traditional and the Shire along with three ranges of Peg Tiles: Kent, County and Restoration all available with a comprehensive range of fittings and accessories. Ornamental tiles are also available whilst the company can also produce bespoke hand made clay products like finials, imps and gargoyles. As one of the most innovative roofing manufacturers, Keymer has won much acclaim for its technical guide, which is now available from the company’s website – Other supporting material available from Keymer includes two RIBA approved CPD modules – a presentation and a tour of the unique company factory – and sample tile folders.

CPD Material (1)

A History of Handmade Tiles
To better understand what is possible, you must first understand what has past, this compelling CPD guides you through time to allow the recipient to understand the roots of traditional heritage roofing.
- The CPD then considers the pitfalls associated with heritage roofing product selection.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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