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KEE Process Limited


KEE is a globally recognised brand with over 65 years experience operating within in the domestic, commercial, industrial, recreation sewage and wastewater treatment industries.KEE Process Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture, installation, refurbishment and upgrade of all types of sewage and wastewater treatment and pumping systems.KEE Process Ltd is a family business with all design, consultation and manufacturing functions undertaken by our in-house teams, this allows for a very collaborative working style with our customers and ensures customer and project expectations are met and exceeded.KEE Process can provide sewage and wastewater treatment and pumping solutions for applications as small as a single house without mains drainage right up to municipal applications with many thousands of inhabitants.KEE’s ‘family’ company culture continues to focus on ethical business values and an integrity and commitment to protecting the environment and delivering high quality products an...
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'Off-mains' Wastewater Products for up to 1000PE
This CPD is an overview of 'Off-mains' drainage for up to 1000PE, the Regulatory Framework around it and the options you have at your disposal to specify in order to manage these 'off-mains' drainage applications.
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General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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