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Idealcombi A/S


Idealcombi develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-quality windows and doors made of wood and combined aluminium-timber. Our focus areas are multi-storey buildings, office and non-residential buildings, housing and one-storey buildings in both the new construction and renovation segments.

CPD Material (1)

Good Window and Door Design to Meet Legislative Requirements
This seminar looks at the legislative factors that affect the design and specification of windows and doors and highlights key requirements that should be considered at the early design stage to avoid potential problems and delays. The seminar covers:
- Current main requirements for windows and doors including, guarding, ventilation, thermal performance, solar gain, cleaning and maintenance, Lifetime Homes and Secured by Design
- Discusses good design to meet the requirements
- Advises of possible conflicts in between different requirements and what to watch out for
Material type: Seminar


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