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Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd


Gilgen Door Systems is a global leader in the manufacture of automatic doors and sliding wall systems designed to improve accessibility, security & energy efficiency within buildings. Gilgen have built a blue-chip client base and a enviable reputation for product excellence and innovation across an extensive range of entrance solutions. Gilgen automatic doors improve accessibility and convenience in many environments including hospitals, care homes, colleges, transport hubs, retail outlets and offices. Its automatic doors meet the requirements set out in BS EN16005, the Equality Act and Part M building regulations. The company offers a bespoke design service for special applications, whilst installations and service is delivered through its national team of professional service engineers. Gilgen's range includes: Automatic sliding doors, swing door operators, automatic folding doors, curved sliding doors, fire doors, burglar resistant doors to PAS24:2016 standard and thermally ...
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CPD Material (2)

Design Considerations when Specifying Automatic Doors in Health Care Buildings
This seminar provides an overview of the standards and legislation affecting the specification of door safety equipment and devices and the minimum acceptable operating parameters for doors and corridors for healthcare environments. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- Understand how to specify automatic doors for safe operational use in healthcare environments
- Understand the standards and legislation that impact on door selection in healthcare including EN16005, BS7036, BS8300, BS9999, Building Regulations Part M, Part B and Part L, the Equality Act and Healthcare Building Note
- Understand how to comply with legislation to ensure safety and accessibility in healthcare environments
- Understand door safety equipment and how to specify the most suitable automatic door configuration for healthcare environments

Identifies the requirements concerning the correct application of automatic doors within the health sector as defined in: The Building Note 00-04 (2013), BSEN 16005, Part M, The Equality Act and BS8300 to ensure safe and easy access for all.

Please note that this content was asessed in 2017.
Material type: Seminar
Design Implications when Specifying Automatic Entrance Doors
This seminar is designed to assist architects in selecting the most suitable automatic door types for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. This seminar discusses the impact of a variety of recent legislation and standards (Building Regulations Part M, Part L and Part B, and British and European Standards BS7036, BS8300, BSEN16005 and the Equality Act) upon door selection and how relevant considerations can be successfully addressed and so ensure easy access for all.

Please note that this content was assessed in 2017.
Material type: Seminar


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