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Garrett Leather


We are a privately owned company with a history of over 30-years who provide premium quality leathers with a superior client experience.

This course covers the design elements of some amazing and innovative custom Leather Wall Applications offering a vast range of leather design solutions that are suitable for hospitality, commercial, residential, marine, private and corporate aviation projects. It will include engineered designs using decorative embellishments, bespoke 3D patterns, shapes and textures. As designers It will allow you to express your creativity whilst assisting you with the design process and technical solutions.

It offers guidelines on noise reduction with coefficient ratings, testing criteria, fabrication, sustainability considerations and fire safety regulations.

It will conclude with some truly innovative case studies followed by any questions you may have.


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Leather Wall Applications
Natural leather is simply unparalleled in terms of beauty, comfort, durability and versatility. For centuries, artisans have discovered new decorative techniques for premium leather and have used this luxurious material to illustrate wealth, fashion, and artistic talents. This creative passion endures in modern times, as we continue to re-imagine innovative applications for leather and how it can be used to adorn more of the spaces where we live. Join us for an informative exploration on how architects and designers today are elevating their projects with leather wall applications.
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