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Manufactured in the UK, ThermaSkirt combines the heating and skirting board in one. With 50,000 systems installed worldwide, ThermaSkirt is the No.1 alternative to radiators and UFH. ThermaSkirt is a radically simple, innovative radiant heating system disguised as a stylish, sleek and unobtrusive skirting profile. No more storage heaters, no more panel radiators and no need for underfloor heating. Available in Wet and Electric versions and supplied to both the domestic and commercial sectors. ThermaSkirt is manufactured using a highly conductive aluminium alloy that radiates heat up to 5 times more effectively than steel. Radiant heat, emitted low down and all-around creates that wonderful warm environment often associated with underfloor heating, but being above ground, ThermaSkirt responds in minutes and works with any floor construction or covering. The EasyClean version of ThermaSkirt was produced in cooperation with the Microbiology Infection Control Team at NHS Manchester MRI, ...
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A Revolution in Room Heating? Is there an Alternative to Radiators and Underfloor Heating?
This CPD discusses the advantages and potential disadvantages of thermal skirting in Residential, Healthcare, Student and assisted living, as well as Commercial Environments. It will provide you with an awareness of skirting heating emitters in order to assess the efficacy against other traditional heating methods, and select them for specification where appropriate. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- The features and limitations of skirting heating systems
- Skirting heating compared to other traditional forms of heating from a performance perspective
- The efficacy of this form of emitter with renewable technologies such as air source heat pumps
- The energy and carbon impacts of various heating technologies
- The more detailed impacts on construction strategies, weight loadings, and the overall programme

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
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General Awareness
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