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Cooledge Lighting Inc.


Cooledge changed the paradigm of the light source by introducing flexible LED light sheets that deliver high-quality illumination in a form factor that is seamless, adaptable, and scalable. Now Cooledge offers luminaires and large-scale luminous ceilings that deliver immersive illumination by using light as a building material.

CPD Material (1)

Luminous Surfaces in Architecture
Learn how luminous surfaces will change the way lighting is incorporated into architecture. Topics include the history and role of luminous surfaces in creating spaces that are more synchronized with the human experience of our environment, standards driving the incorporation of human well-being in design, the applications and design approaches for successfully specifying luminous surfaces into architecture, as well as a look at how luminous ceilings can contribute to acoustic performance.

Program Overview

1. Understand the role of luminous surfaces for providing illumination in architectural spaces and the implications for human well-being
2. Understand the design requirements for luminous surfaces as a source of general illumination
3. Understand three (3) applications for luminous surfaces in architecture
4. Understand how luminous ceilings can contribute to acoustic performance
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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