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Conex Bänninger


Conex Bänninger is a specialist provider of high-quality fittings, valves and accessories across the globe. Since 1909, Conex Bänninger’s innovative approach has led to some landmark achievements in product design. Our product knowledge, expertise and quality standards are trusted across residential, commercial, industrial, air conditioning and refrigeration markets.

We work closely with industry professionals creating cost-effective solutions and satisfying building requirements for sanitary, heating, gas, solar, compressed air and liquid gas systems, offering support at all stages of the building cycle.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes well-known brands such as Conex Compression and Triflow Solder Ring and we have an established history in pressing solutions. Our leading >B< Press ranges include water, gas, solar, carbon and inox fittings and more recently >B< MaxiPro, a revolutionary new range specifical...

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Re-assessing the implications of copper press-fitting as an alternative to copper brazing for building services
Copper as a material is used for conveying hot and cold waters as it offers many proven benefits for Building Service Engineers. Long life service life, natural ability to combat pathogens and excellent recyclability factor make it building owners and operators first choice in many instances. Traditional jointing methods such as solder and braze and more recent innovative techniques such as press-fit and push fit are commonly employed to join this excellent material. This presentation addresses what benefits both traditional and innovative technologies bring and lessons that can be taken.
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