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As complimentary British manufacturers with over 100 years of ceilings experience, Burgess By System recently under went a rebrand within System Building Products. Burgess began life making acoustic hoods that allowed public telephones to be used in noisy public areas. Having already produced perforated metal for the telephone hoods they began developing their first concealed demountable metal ceiling system with the then revolutionary “pip and stop” method of installation. Their first ceiling system was so good that it is still available today and remains one of the more popular systems in our extensive range of metal ceilings Initially known as TAP, CEP were the first UK mineral tile manufacturer and have continued to supply well known high performance, tile designs such as Solitex over a long period of the company’s history. The range still offers Solitex but it has expanded and now includes products such as Classcare and Healthcare along with high sound performance “Sequence” soft fibre ceiling tiles, rafts and baffles as well as wall panels and the gypsum ceiling tiles Metro and Cleancare. Burgess By System are able to offer a diverse and comprehensive ranges of ceiling systems and acoustic wall panels.

CPD Material (1)

Suspended Metal Ceilings
This seminar from Burgess Architectural Products provides an overview of suspended ceilings and what features need considering.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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