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Building Insulation Solutions (BIS)


At Building Insulation Solutions, we are not your typical run of the mill “supplier of products”. Wehave a far more important role to play. There are an array of products readily available, and someunobtainable in the market, and that is usually the first challenge. Customers ask for a wide varietyof products from us in different thicknesses and sizes. BIS have been required to specify when anapplication is required, and all of our customers can be safe in the knowledge that only testedproducts are used at all times.When it comes to supplying the goods, we ensure everything is logistically thought out and doublechecked prior to leaving our warehouse. Our Fiber Cement and Mineral Wool Insulation are safelystored, and we ensure the correct transportation is used all the way to until it reaches its end user.By investing in people, having nationwide coverage, flexible transport and working with suppliersshows that a complete team effort across many departments of a distributor is needed to...
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CPD Material (1)

Use of A1 Fibre Cement Board as Green Building Material
This seminar provides knowledge of vital features of fibre cement board to delegates. You will be able to understand the production technology along with various advantages and applications of fibre cement boards.We will also discuss storage, handling, transportation and installation techniques. We will also briefly discuss A1 non-combustible materials use for better U value on the building components, and the relevant UK standards for determining the fire performance of the product, such as EN13501 and BS 8414.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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