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BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd


BMT Fluid Mechanics is internationally recognised as a leading independent specialist in the field of wind engineering, architectural aerodynamics and building physics. BMT is based in London (UK) with regional offices in the UAE, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Houston and New York.

CPD Material (3)

Factory Visit
Wind Tunnel Testing Facility Tour
This tour of a wind tunnel testing facility will show how wind effects are replicated at model scale. It will look at wind environment studies for planning approval, wind effects of tall structures, masterplan developments, stadia and bridges, model manufacture and data acquisition. The tour will include the following elements:
- How models are manufactured and instrumented
- Watch a wind tunnel test take place
- Learn about the hardware and software required to complete a successful wind engineering project
- Learn about wind effects in the built environment, legislation in place for planning applications and how to take account for wind effects in building design
The tour takes place at the BMT facility in Teddington, TW11. Contact Alex Turpitt, UK and Regional Manager, to book for a maximum of 10 people. The tour takes 3.5 hours and lunch will be provided. Evening tours can be arranged on a case by case basis. Please be aware that the majority of the tour is only accessible via steps.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Factory Visit
Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing
This seminar aims to:

- Provide an understanding of the importance of sunlight / daylight availability and the impacts of shadowing
- Provide an introduction to associated UK and international building codes / design guides and best practice
- Provide an introduction of how green building design is affected by sunlight / daylight
- Contextualise sunlight / daylight with the UK planning process

Fees may apply
Material type: Seminar
Wind Effects on the Built Environment
The learning aims of this seminar are to enable an understanding of the properties of wind that are important in building design, the nature of wind flows around building structures, the various effects that wind has on buildings, assessment methods and timing during the design process.
The intended outcome is that the architect has increased awareness and appreciation of these issues rather than specific expertise.

Fees may apply
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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