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Berthold Bauer VAT Consultants Ltd


Established since 1996, their role is very simple – provide succinct, accurate and reliable advice to clients and design professionals. Their advisory services to RIBA members is wholly without charge.

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Value Added Tax: Presumptions and Preconceptions
This seminar will provide guidance on what architects need to know about VAT and relevant legislation, in respect of the wide range of property development, new build, extensions and refurbishment, to run their business efficiently. Most importantly architects need to be aware of the detailed obligations in respect of VAT and to be clear about the architect’s role vis-à-vis their clients. They need to know about exemptions from VAT, when to engage VAT consultants and how to avoid the risk of claims being made against them by their clients. The role of the session is to ensure flawed advice is not inadvertently given, show where tweaks to a planning consent can positively affect VAT and the pitfalls architects have found themselves in, in the past. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- Understand how to guide clients on what VAT is applicable on their scheme without fear of being liable
- Understand why does using common sense and logic result in flawed VAT advice
- Understand the main areas where Architects’ clients can save VAT
Understand the main reasons for VAT relief being lost or squandered
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General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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