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Stonebridge House

Nursteed Road
SN10 3DY
Jose Fiallegas Hamp
Tel +44 (0)1380 720007 Overview
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Artisans of Devizes


A family company with 25 years of experience and passion for natural stone floors, wall coverings and bespoke creations. Our team of stone consultants will travel to meet design professionals on site or in the office throughout the UK, to advise and help specify stone finishes for your projects.

CPD Material (1)

The Art of Specifying Natural Stone
This seminar provides a working knowledge of:
- The basic geology and mineral make-up of the stone varieties most commonly used in architecture and design
- Which varieties of stone are suitable for various applications
- What to look out for when specifying natural stone
- How to troubleshoot the various issues that can occur with stone
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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