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Address & Contact details:
NorDan House

Springfield House
Laurelhill Business Park
Matt Collins
Tel + 44 (0)1452 883131
RIBA CPD Overview
Further information on some of the training offered by NorDan UK Ltd and the locations served is available:
RIBA CPD Overview for NorDan UK Ltd

NorDan UK Ltd


NorDan UK Ltd supply high performance windows and doors to the UK building industry. A wide range of external windows and doors produced from timber, aluminium-clad timber and aluminium and timber composite are available.

CPD Material (2)

Sustainability: The Timber Window Solution
The presentation looks at the term "sustainability" and how this can be assessed within building design with reference to the Codes for Sustainable Homes. Timber windows are then discussed in detail examining both embodied energy and energy efficiency over the product's life span through full life cycle analysis. Various high performance window designs are examined and compared for optimal sustainable benefits and environmental impacts.
Material type: Seminar
Factory Visit
Factory tour in Norway
NorDan have a by invitation only factory tour in Norway.
The visit is both cultural and educational in form.
The aim is to explain the importance of high performance windows for energy saving and sustainability, another aim is to look at the Norwegian tradition of timber products.

– on day one, visitors will see the local folk museum in Moi followed by the factory visit
– on day two, a visit to the main factory includes a presentation and a visit to the research and development department
– on day three, the activities will revolve around the weather - either a museum visit or a boat trip around the fjords

All accommodation and transport will be provided. We emphasise that this activity is by invitation only.
Knowledge level:
Detailed Knowledge
Material type: Factory Visit


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